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Servomex has been a worldwide innovator in gas analysis technologies for 60 years. Providing reliable, accurate, and stable gas measurement solutions, Servomex offers products including paramagnetic oxygen analyzers, zirconium oxide oxygen and/or combustibles combustion efficiency, thermal conductivity analyzers, and much more.

RC Systems

Established in 1979, RC Systems offers ambient air fixed monitors for combustible and toxic gasses – as well as open path through air transmitters for perimeter gas detection. RC Systems also offers wireless gas detectors and dual head detectors for ambient air monitoring along with a complete line of single and multi-channel controllers.

Sheffield Separator

The Sheffield Separator Company was founded in 1999 in response to the need for better sample conditioning to improve process analyzer performance. Sheffield manufacturers a line of dual chamber separators which remove liquids, particulates and impurities from gas and liquid sample systems.

Rosemount Analytical

Rosemount Analytical offers a complete range of innovative analytical solutions to maximize performance, productivity, and profitability. Rosemount provides a wide range of liquid analytical devices, transmitters, controllers, final control elements, and much more.

J.M. Canty

Established in 1971, J.M. Canty provides highly specialized equipment including industrial sight glasses, explosion-proof process lighting and process cameras, oil in water/water in oil analyzers, particle size analyzers, and more.

Galvanic Applied Sciences

Galvanic Applied Sciences manufacturers a full line of analyzers and measurement equipment for the natural gas and liquid process industries. These products include H2S analyzers, gas chromatographs, total sulfur analyzers, lead acetate H2S analyzers, oil in water analyzers, turbidity, and viscosity analyzers.

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