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The RISE Company is formed as an industrial sales and service company by two partners, Marion Matherne and Norm Hefron. The name RISE stood for Response Instrument Service and Engineering.
Marion Matherne leaves the organization and forms another industrial sales company called M-Tec.
Marion Matherne acquires control of the RISE company and merges it with the M-Tec company to form M-Tec/Rise, Inc.
Tony Harper purchases the M-Tec/Rise company and names John Guillory as partner and Vice President. A new business plan is put in place to substantially grow the business.
The company experiences notable growth in sales and products under the new management.
The company sales and profits more than double from the year 1997.
John Guillory purchases the M-Tec/Rise company from Tony Harper and moves the company to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Sales have grown to three times what they were in 1997.
The company sales hit an all time high, experiencing growth of 340% from the year 1997.
A new office and warehouse building is built on Patriot Drive in Baton Rouge and the company headquarters are moved to this location. The new facility is built to accommodate future growth and expansion by the company.
The company sales hits a new all time high, breaking the previous record set in 2012.
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